Our Mission

Our Mission – What do we do

Focus on promoting Data Management

The DAMA Education and Research Foundation (www.damafoundation.org) is the Research and Educational Affiliate of DAMA International (www.dama.org)is dedicated to advancing the concepts and practices of data management through research, education, publications, promotion of standards, and other activities that enhance the practice of data management.

Our mission
Our mission to promote professional data resource management through fund raising and strategic funds placement.

Our Objective
The primary objective of DAMA Foundation is to establish a formal, certified, recognized, and respected data management profession. Our theme being “Professionals improving the profession”.

As such, the key goals of the DAMA Foundation are to:

Promote the practice of data resource management
Provide educational opportunities for practitioners of data resource management
Develop and promote research into data resource management areas and related arenas
Advance the cause of scholarship into the date resource management field
Provide leadership and guidance to practitioners through the establishment and maintenance of professional qualifications
Monitor and advance data resource management standards
Provide funding for the development of concepts, products, practices and educational services for contemporary data resource management

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